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WLRDS and Angell Park Speedway Round Out EBR Schedule

WLRDS and Angell Park Speedway Round Out EBR Schedule

Back in January we previewed the meat of the Eric Blumer Racing schedule for 2021. Only recently has the remainder of our racing calendar been substantially filled, with the Angell Park Speedway and Wisconsin Legends Racing Dirt Series schedules being released.

      Taking nothing away from any other track in the world, most EBR fans know how important our truly “Hometown Track,” Angell Park Speedway is to the entire team.  We’re proud to be included on five of the ten scheduled dates at the famed facility.  All of the APS dates for the Legends will be raced under the auspices of the WLRDS, where Eric will defend his 2020 championship.

       Our first appearance there will be for the season opener on May 23. The Legends will supplement the Badger Midget Series and MSA 360 Sprint Cars.

       Next we will be proud to participate in the Kevin Doty Classic.  This race includes two of our favorite local groups to run with, the Badger Midgets and the wingLESS Sprints.  These are the two classes Eric has his eye on for the future and the entire EBR team loves being able to watch these exciting machines.

       June 27, we’ll make the four-minute tow to race with the IRA 410 Sprint Cars, the premier open wheel organization based in Wisconsin, for the Norm Nelson Classic.

        The inaugural Salute to Bryan Gapinski is one circled on our calendar for July 18, where we’ll rejoin the Badger Midgets and wingLESS cars to honor the late Badger Media Director and voice of Angell Park Speedway.  When Gapinski was announcing at Beaver Dam Raceway, we knew that of all the Legends on the track, he focused on Eric and gave him plenty of air time.  Bryan knew very well that Eric was one of those kids who grew up at Angell Park and he did what he could to advance Eric’s cause.  

       Our final chance to score a coveted win at the Speedway takes place during one of the most popular races of the year, the annual Corn Fest event.  With Badger and the IRA, Eric will battle in front of one of the biggest crowds of the season.  

      If every Beaver Dam Raceway and Angell Park Speedway date is a go in 2021, we’ll have 30 races under our belt by season’s end.  But, as Grandpa Blumer would say in his best announcer voice, “That’s not all… That’s not all!”   

     WLRDS has secured dates for us at 141 Speedway in Maribel, WI on May 30 and September 5.  We get to make the haul to Wisconsin’s Driftless Region and the Lafayette County Speedway (a true fairground track) on July 9.  July 30, the 6E heads to Gravity Park USA where Eric get’s to defend the win he scored the last time we rolled into Chilton. 

      This makes for a 35 race season.  It’s daunting to think about, probably for everyone involved, but Eric.  We do have an open Saturday or two and might wander down to Iowa for a race.   Or, since Eric has worked hard enough to put together a second car, he has entertained trying his had at a Wisconsin pavement track.  

     As always, things change for us and the tracks, so please check each tracks website before making plans to attend a particular race.  If you are going just to watch Eric, please check in with us to make sure we are racing and so we can pack extra cold ones for after the races!

     Stay tuned for a sponsor update to include a couple of new companies that have signed on with us!  We’ll sprinkle them into our list of supporters, but will highlight them individually in the coming weeks!

      These are the businesses and folks who are helping to keep Eric on the track through their generous support in 2021!  BRS Radiator, Machine & Fabrication; Northern Air Systems, Inc.; Dog Guard of Wisconsin;  Storage & Handling Systems; North Central Utility of Wisconsin LLC; East Central Coin Inc.; Club LaMark; Bullseye Games; Ground Up Lifts; Sieg Law Office; OWL Graphics and Lettering; Grandpa Blumer, Legends.Direct and Casey Bollig Photography.

Here are the people who go hands on the 6E to get it in top shape every week: Justin Hoium, Greg Leatherbeary, Big Dumb Guy, Joe Wipperfurth, Bill Tefft, Brian Benisch, Cody Weisensel and Stephanie Blumer.

We salute Owen Leatherberry (U.S. Navy) and Andrew Upperman (U.S. Marine Corps.)!

Thanks to you all for your part in Eric Blumer Racing!

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