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Badgers, Blumer and Jones, Are 1-2 vs Hawkeyes In Benton County INEX Go

Badgers, Blumer and Jones, Are 1-2 vs Hawkeyes In Benton County INEX Go

It was a late add-on to the schedule for Eric Blumer and Parker Jones last week, when they got word of their INEX Legends class being on the card at Benton County Speedway (Vinton, IA). The Sun Prairie and Blue Mounds, Wisconsin (respectively) pilots made the last minute decision to take the three-plus hour tow.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by 17 other competitors, the vast majority with Iowa addresses, all with Iowa racing credentials. Jones made a mad march from his 9th place starting spot to cop the first heat. Blumer from his 2nd starting spot, took the early lead in heat-two, but one of his mentors, Griffin McGrath was his fellow front row starter. Blumer lead the bulk of the race and had several lengths on the Legends Direct principal. But McGrath reeled him in and got by Blumer with two laps to go and took the checkers relegating Blumer to runner-up.

The father and son duo of Adam and Keith Meyer occupied the front row to start the feature, with Blumer in the 3rd starting spot and Jones in 9th. It took a couple/three (that's Wisconsin lingo, although we pronounce, "three," "tree") starts to get the first lap in. In each case, Adam opened the door just enough for Blumer to duck under. Blumer lead the first official lap, while Jones began his charge to the front.

Blumer hugged the bottom as much as he could. He started to pull away from the field and then Jones came into the picture. With about 12 laps to go, Jones got to Blumer's bumper and once in a while the door was open enough for Jones to take a peek.

There were a couple of cautions as the race went on. Included in those was the terror of Iowa Legends, Dave Eberle who has 9 wins this season, including the last Benton go. A night removed from the win and championship at Maquoketa, contact put the Illinois driver out early.

As they settled in, Blumer and Jones checked out on the field and with about three to go, Jones finally had to try the high line. At this point Blumer slipped up a bit in turn-three and the two locked bumpers briefly, but never missed a beat.

With two laps to go, they were wheel to wheel as they passed the flagman. But the high line, which both drivers like, just didn't have enough grip and Blumer won by a length. Adrianne Harman took the last podium spot. Keith Meyer was 4th and Adam Meyer was 7th.

"This just made the ride a lot shorter," noted the track announcer in the post race interview, to loud cheers from the crowd. Blumer agreed and said, "I know Parker was right there, I could hear him, but I was able to stick to the bottom for the win."


While the march by Jones was impressive, Kevin Korsmo was the hard charger, coming from 15th to 5th in the Bulltown Legends car, finishing just ahead of his son, Kacey.

In his heat, Eberle pulled off a lap from the end with apparent mechanical issues. In the pits, with fellow competitors wondering if he needed help, Eberle admitted he mistook the white flag for the checkers. Ironically, when he was told NASCAR star Mark Martin once did that in a Busch Grand National race, Eberle replied with a laugh, "I know I was there. It was Bristol and he was in the Winn-Dixie car!"

Blumer and Jones are both near the top of INEX national points for the Semi-Pro class. Blumer is 3rd and Jones is in 5th among 150 drivers scored.

Photos: 6E Blumer vs 34M McGrath; Jones takes heat over David McCalla (who stated 8th); 77 Kevin Korsmo vs. Robby Morrison.

About the author: Bill Blumer Jr. is a freelance motorsports writer who is also a proud race dad to Eric Blumer. He's contributed to many publications over the last 15 years including FlatOut Magazine, Dirt Monthly and currently Dirt Empire Magazine (available on the news stand at Tractor Supply stores).

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Badgers, Blumer and Jones, Are 1-2 vs Hawkeyes In Benton County INEX Go
Badgers, Blumer and Jones, Are 1-2 vs Hawkeyes In Benton County INEX Go
Badgers, Blumer and Jones, Are 1-2 vs Hawkeyes In Benton County INEX Go

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