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The WRLDS Comes To An End For EBR

The WRLDS Comes To An End For EBR

Justin and Eric were at it early Sunday morning as they got the 6E ready for the final race of the 2021 Wisconsin Legends Racing Dirt Series season. Last week was Eric’s first week back at UW-Platteville where he is starting his senior year and he’d already put in a lot of hours on “Alice,” as of Friday and Saturday nights, when he got home from “P-ville”. Justin stayed back and just Eric and Bill made the tow to 141 Speedway. Eric went into the night 2nd in points. The margin to first was such that it would take a miracle to repeat as the WLRDS title holder.

For the heat, Eric drove to the grid and shut the car off, as there was a delay. When it was time to fire engines, the car did not cooperate. Thanks to John Jones for helping to try and diagnose the issue. She finally fired on her own, with no delay to the program. We don’t know at this point what the issue was. Eric started 4th and won.

In the feature, Eric started 8th, may have been as high as 5th early and 10th mid-race, and ended up 8th or so. It’s always hard to find final running positions. No matter, he wasn’t in the hunt and we assume he ended up second in WLRDS points. Congratulations to Parker Jones on the race win and Ryan Sullivan on the championship.

This Saturday, Sept. 11, we’ll be back in action for Beaver Dam Raceway’s Coors Light Final Points Night, and their 5 divisions. Please see www.wismotorsports.net for details. Here, Eric runs 3rd in points and has a mathematical chance at the title, but it’s a long shot. He is in a tight spot to defend his current position over Ryan Mech.

A couple of weeks after that, it’s off to the INEX Dirt Nationals in Ohio. Eric currently (for entertainment purposes only) ranks 5th in the nation/world out of 150 drivers in the Semi-Pro Dirt class.

As always:

These are the businesses and folks who are helping to keep Eric on the track through their generous support in 2021! BRS Radiator, Machine & Fabrication; Northern Air Systems, Inc.; Dog Guard of Wisconsin; North Central Utility of Wisconsin LLC; East Central Coin Inc.; Club LaMark; Ground Up Lifts; Sieg Law Office; OWL Graphics and Lettering; Grandpa Blumer, Legends.Direct, Mary Lybeck in memory of Denny and Casey Bollig Photography.

Here are the people who go hands on the 6E to get it in top shape every week: Justin Hoium, Greg Leatherbeary, Big Dumb Guy, Joe Wipperfurth, Bill Tefft, Brian Benisch, Cody Weisensel and Stephanie Blumer.

We salute Owen Leatherberry (U.S. Navy) and Andrew Upperman (U.S. Marine Corps.)!

Thank to you all for your part in Eric Blumer Racing!

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