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5/5/2023 at Kankakee County Speedway - Kankakee, IL

Badger Midgets: Badger Midget Auto Racing Association with Midget Auto Racing Association
Pit Gates Open @ 4:00 pm Registration 4:15 pm to 5:30 pm Driver's Meeting @ 5:40 pm Hot Laps / Qualifying @ 6:00 pm Opening Ceremonies @ 7:00 pm

Eric Blumer

Badger MidgetsStartFinish
B Feature 220DNS
Qualifying 1Time: 223434th
Special 1Time: 29.33199th

Badger Midgets

AFS A Feature

25 laps | 00:41:04.646Presented by Advanced Fastening Supply
15Adam TaylorWheatefield, IN5X
22Wes PinkertonReynolds, IN9P
312Ronnie GardnerCorona, CA57
43Todd KlueverSun Prairie, WI55
56Mike StroikWest Bend, WI9S
618Mark McMahillPeoria, IL10C
720Matt RechekBeaver Dam, WI38
822Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN44
910Kevin DouglasMadison, WI5K
1014Cody WeisenselSun Prairie, WI20
111Andy BaughMason City, IL6B
1211Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI6
1315Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI29
1413Kyle KochMcfarland, WI59
1519Chris DickeyIndianapolis, IN12
1617Jace SparksCrystal Lake, IL40
174David BudresJanesville, WI31B
1821Tommy ColburnNew Berlin, WI10A
199RJ CorsonMarkham, IL15C
208Kyle StarkMarshall, WI2
2116Greg RossHavana, IL51R
DQ7Patrick BrunsChampaign, IL12D

High Performance Lubricants B

12 laps | 00:00:00Presented by High Performance Lubricants
110Greg RossHavana, IL51R
22Jace SparksCrystal Lake, IL40
31Mark McMahillPeoria, IL10C
43Chris DickeyIndianapolis, IN12
56Matt RechekBeaver Dam, WI38
68Tommy ColburnNew Berlin, WI10A
711Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN44
85Daltyn EnglandSpringfield, IL19E
94Kurt MayhewDemotte, IN21K
109Brian PetersonMukwonago, WI7
117Charles RufiNew Glarus, WI56
1217Parker JonesBlue Mounds, WI41
1316Miles DohertyDelmar, IA53M
1412John HeitzmanSan Jose, IL00
1513Shay SassanoHampshire, IL31
1619Devin WintersteinHoopeston, IL4W
DNS-Eric BlumerSun Prairie, WI68
DNS-Dave Collins JrLake Mills, WI40JR
DNS-Nick KilianSun Prairie, WI17
DNS-Trey WeishoffSun Prairie, WI45

Auto Meter Heat 1

8 laps | 00:02:17Presented by Auto Meter
14Wes PinkertonReynolds, IN9P
23Kevin DouglasMadison, WI5K
36David BudresJanesville, WI31B
48Mike StroikWest Bend, WI9S
51Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI29
67Chris DickeyIndianapolis, IN12
75Matt RechekBeaver Dam, WI38
82Brian PetersonMukwonago, WI7
99John HeitzmanSan Jose, IL00

Simpson Race Products Heat 2

8 laps | 00:02:20Presented by Simpson Race Products
11Cody WeisenselSun Prairie, WI20
24Todd KlueverSun Prairie, WI55
32Ronnie GardnerCorona, CA57
48Patrick BrunsChampaign, IL12D
53RJ CorsonMarkham, IL15C
66Jace SparksCrystal Lake, IL40
75Daltyn EnglandSpringfield, IL19E
89Tommy ColburnNew Berlin, WI10A
97Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN44

Behlings Heat 3

8 laps | 00:02:22Presented by Behling
13Andy BaughMason City, IL6B
21Kyle KochMcfarland, WI59
32Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI6
48Kyle StarkMarshall, WI2
57Adam TaylorWheatefield, IN5X
65Mark McMahillPeoria, IL10C
74Kurt MayhewDemotte, IN21K
89Charles RufiNew Glarus, WI56
DQ6Greg RossHavana, IL51R

Qualifying 1

25 laps | 00:05:17Presented by 5-1 Motorsports Fast Time
117Kyle StarkMarshall, WI214.893
227Patrick BrunsChampaign, IL12D14.977
38Mike StroikWest Bend, WI9S15.266
431Adam TaylorWheatefield, IN5X15.275
522Lamont CritchettDemotte, IN4415.278
69Chris DickeyIndianapolis, IN1215.336
723Greg RossHavana, IL51R15.383
826Jace SparksCrystal Lake, IL4015.391
97David BudresJanesville, WI31B15.396
1013Mark McMahillPeoria, IL10C15.416
116Daltyn EnglandSpringfield, IL19E15.433
1215Matt RechekBeaver Dam, WI3815.517
1319Kurt MayhewDemotte, IN21K15.563
1425Todd KlueverSun Prairie, WI5515.588
1516Wes PinkertonReynolds, IN9P15.589
1629Andy BaughMason City, IL6B15.690
175RJ CorsonMarkham, IL15C15.748
1814Kevin DouglasMadison, WI5K15.764
1910Jeremy DouglasMcfarland, WI615.796
2020Ronnie GardnerCorona, CA5715.800
212Brian PetersonMukwonago, WI715.858
2221Kyle KochMcfarland, WI5916.017
2328Cody WeisenselSun Prairie, WI2016.077
244Harrison KlevenMarshall, WI2916.103
2512Charles RufiNew Glarus, WI5616.272
2630Tommy ColburnNew Berlin, WI10A16.355
273John HeitzmanSan Jose, IL0016.360
2832Dave Collins JrLake Mills, WI40JR16.486
2918Robby WirthMilwaukee, WI1W16.608
3033Miles DohertyDelmar, IA53M16.666
31-Parker JonesBlue Mounds, WI4117.053
3236Nick KilianSun Prairie, WI1720.909
3335Devin WintersteinHoopeston, IL4W21.682
3434Eric BlumerSun Prairie, WI6822.000
3511Shay SassanoHampshire, IL3122.000
3624Trey WeishoffSun Prairie, WI4522.000
37 (DNF)1Nick BaranTomahawk, WI11N15.640

Non Qualifier

8 laps | 00:06:07Presented by Madison Extinguisher Service
15Miles DohertyDelmar, IA53M
22Shay SassanoHampshire, IL31
36Parker JonesBlue Mounds, WI41
47Nick KilianSun Prairie, WI17
58Devin WintersteinHoopeston, IL4W
61Dave Collins JrLake Mills, WI40JR
73Trey WeishoffSun Prairie, WI45
84Robby WirthMilwaukee, WI1W
99Eric BlumerSun Prairie, WI68

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